The Best Gaming TVs For Less Than 500 Dollars (And 5 Important Tips)

The best gaming TVs for less than 500 dollars? It’s a stretch but not impossible.

My top pick for a cheap gaming TV for 2023? The Sceptre 24″ Curved LED Monitor. Check the price here.

What are the best gaming TVs under $500? Are you looking for budget TVs for gaming? A high-quality TV is essential for gaming on both PC and consoles. A high-graphic TV improves the display quality and also the overall gaming experience. A TV is vital for gamers, and gaming is incomplete without a good-quality TV.

The new games of 2021 are bringing next-generation jaw-dropping graphics to PC and consoles. So, it is almost impossible to experience the same graphics on an old 1080p TV. Most gamers prefer a 4k TV for gaming. But it is not that easy to find a good 4k TV for gaming when there is a flood of costly models for 4k gaming in the market.

Most gaming communities cannot afford a pricy TV that supports high-graphic gaming. Here is good news for gamers, there are many mid-range models of TVs that you can use, but not all of them are good for gaming. We will discuss the best affordable gaming TVs under $500 shortly.

Gaming TVs For Less Than 500 Dollars – Are budget TVs worth buying for gaming?

A perfect gaming TV has a balanced combination of refresh rate, size, and resolution. You need a good gaming TV to get the most out of your powerful graphics card. The biggest problem is that the best gaming TVs are ultimately pricy. Most cheap and budget gaming TVs were not good enough for gaming in 2021. So the question is, are budget TVs worth buying for gaming in 2023?

So, yes, you do not need a pricy TV for high-end gaming. You can get a decent gaming performance on a budget gaming TV. So, you can still have a great gaming experience if you cannot afford a $1000 gaming TV. You can get a great gaming TV for under $500 but not every TV is compatible with your hardware and good for gaming. So, how to choose the best budget gaming TV for your gaming setup? 

So, before going to the best gaming TVs under $500, let us discuss how to choose the best TV for your gaming PC or console. It is essential to discuss this before going further because buying the wrong TV will waste your time and money. So, we will first discuss a few essential tips to buy the perfect TVs for your gaming console or PC.

What are the best gaming TVs under $500?

What are the best gaming TVs under $500? Find out at Game.Supply.
Despite chip shortages, gaming TV prices have dropped significantly.

After discussing a few vital tips, let us jump to the best TVs for gaming under $500 in 2021. Not many TVs under $500 satisfy the criteria of a great gaming TV. The good news is you can find a 4k TV with HDR if you are happy with 55 inches or below. It is hard to find a 60 or 70 inches TV under $500 with great features. Moreover, 55 inches is more than enough for even competitive gaming in 2021. So, why waste money on a large TV when you can enjoy the same features and gameplay on a 55-inch TV?

The prices of 4k TVs are finally decreasing, and it is a perfect opportunity for gamers to grab a 4k TV. Yes, now you can switch from a 1080p TV to a new 4k gaming TV by spending just $500. So, we will discuss the best 4k gaming TVs you can use to play your favorite PC, PS5, and Xbox Series games. The prices of these TVs can fluctuate from time to time, depending on the market rate. Here are the best affordable gaming TVs under $500:


Best Gaming TVsUser Rating
Vizio M-Series Quantum M55Q7-H14.1
TCL Class 5-Series 4K QLED Roku Smart TV4.6
Hisense 55″ Class H8G Android Smart ULED 4K TV4.4
LG UQ9000 Series4.6
Vizio Class V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV4.3

I. Vizio M-Series Quantum M55Q7-H1

Vizio inc is a famous American TV brand that is famous for its M Series. The Vizio M Series is a favorite for its fantastic PC and console gaming support. This TV supports VVR (Variable Refresh Rate), which is the backbone of any best gaming TV. This model of M Series also supports AMD Free Sync for PC gaming and Xbox consoles. 

The Vizio Pro gaming engine is also available on this TV. This feature automatically detects the best settings to run your game for optimal performance. This gaming TV also supports HDR and all of its formats. It also has other special features like Chromecast and Apple Home Kit.


  • The Vizio M55Q7 H1 provides a screen display of 4k resolution.
  • This gaming TV has an LED display and is 55 inches in size, which is good for competitive gaming.
  • Vizio M Series also supports HDR and is compatible with different formats, including HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG.
  • This TV has full-array integrated Dimming backlighting and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • This model of Vizio M Series has four HDMI ports and is compatible with different streaming services like Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, and YouTube.

II. TCL Class 5-Series 4K QLED Roku Smart TV

TCL is a famous TV brand by TCL Electronics Holdings, Ltd. TCL is well known for launching affordable but high-quality TVs in the market. Smart TVs are getting bigger and much cheaper than ever, thanks to TCL. The best example is their TCL 5S535, which is the best option for gamers looking for a large TV on a limited budget. This TCL Class 5 Series model is usually below $500 these days. This is the cheapest yet the best 4k TV you can find in the market. This model’s speed is not as fast as other pricy gaming TVs. But it is still worth the money.

If you have a good GPU, you will not experience any lag during gaming on TCL 5S535. This gaming TV can provide good fps on 4k resolution and is suitable even for some competitive games. This gaming TV has a refresh rate of 60 Hz so that you can get 60 fps in any high-graphic game. This gaming TV also supports HDR, which is a surprising feature for this price range. You will also get HDR10 and other premium features that are helpful for smooth gaming. This model also has 4 HDMI ports to attach your gaming controllers, headsets, and other devices. This gaming TV also has a Game Mode to reduce input latency during gameplay.


  • This TCL Class 5 Series model has a screen size of 50 inches.
  • This smart gaming TV provides a high resolution of 4k.
  • This gaming TV is compatible with HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HGL. So, you will get a well-defined picture quality.
  • The TCL 5S535 gaming TV has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. So, it is capable of providing 60 fps on any game.
  • This gaming TV has 4 HDMI ports to connect different gaming equipment and hardware.

III. Hisense Class H8G Android Smart ULED 4K TV

Hisense appliance company is well-known for releasing quality TVs and other home electronics. They understand the requirements and budget of an average gamer. So, they are used to introduce the best gaming TVs at a suitable and affordable price. The most significant example is their 55-inch model of Hisense H8G TV. This 4k gaming TV is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a suitable TV under $500. There is also an opportunity that the price of Hisense H8G may fall even more during the Black Friday sale.

This budget gaming TV also supports HDR, which is a must feature of any high-budget gaming TV. This model of Hisense Class is an excellent addition to your gaming setup. This gaming TV also uses local dimming with over 85 zones which is quite impressive in this price range. This model uses the Android smart TV operating system. So, you will get extra gaming features. 

Hisense H8G also supports HDR, improving picture quality during gameplay. This TV has an Android interface that is easy to use. H8G also uses AIT (Artificial Intelligence Technology) to auto-adjust the images. Its Game Mode is famous for improving the refresh rate during high-end gaming.


  • The Hisense Class H8G has a screen size of 55 inches, which is worth gaming.
  • The resolution of this gaming TV is 4k and provides high-quality graphics for every latest game of 2021.
  • This 4k TV has a full-array insular dimming LED panel.
  • This model of Hisense supports HDR and has compatibility with HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG.
  • This gaming TV has a peak brightness of 77 cdm^-2 and 90 dimming zones.
  • This smart TV has a high refresh rate of 240 HZ, which is an overpowered refresh rate for gaming.
  • This TV has 4 HDMI ports, 1 Ethernet port, and an optical audio port.

IV. LG UQ9000 Series

The LG UQ9000 is one of the best 4k gaming TVs under $500. This TV does not have a standard LED. Instead, it uses an IPS screen for the best viewing angle. This gaming TV supports voice control and even has a game optimizer. This gaming TV does not have integrated voice commands but supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant e.t.c for voice control.

The LG TVs are not the best for gaming as Vizio TVs, but LG UQ9000 has a low latency mode to reduce input latency during gameplay. This feature automatically disables all useless processes to reduce lag during high-end gaming.


  • The LG UN7000 TV has a 4k resolution, which is good for high-graphics gaming.
  • This TV has a standard LED panel and a screen size of 55 inches.
  • This model of LG has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a Direct-Lit backlight. These are valuable features in this price range.
  • This gaming TV supports HDR in two formats, including HGL and HDR10.
  • This model of LG works with WebOS smart platform and has three HDMI ports for gaming.
  • This 4k TV is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

V. Vizio Class V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV

Vizio is well-known for its budget gaming TVs, especially its V Series is worth buying for budget gamers. You cannot get the best TV every time, but there is no problem getting the best available gaming TV usually for under $500. The Vizio V Series 4k TV meets the standards of a quality gaming TV, and its price is surprisingly less than its alternatives. 

It has full-array backlighting and a 4k display. Vizio V Series TV also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+. This TV also has a Game Mode for smooth gaming. This feature will help you to reduce the input latency and improve the gameplay.


  • The Vizio V Series V435-H has a size of 43 inches. It is more than enough for casual gamers but not for competitive gamers.
  • This gaming TV has a high resolution of 4K for high-end gaming. 
  • This model of the Vizio V series has a full array of LED panels, which offer dozens of gaming features.
  • This Vizio 4k TV is also compatible with HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HGL, and HDR10. So this TV has the potential for high-quality gaming.
  • This gaming 4k TV can provide suitable 60 fps on any high-end game and has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • The Vizio V435-H has 3 HDMI ports which are pretty handy for gaming.

What are the best tips for buying an affordable gaming TV?

Gaming TVs For Less Than $500 are not a problem if you don't mind using a monitor.
Monitors make great gaming TVs. They are, after all, sort of the same, arent’ they?

Before discussing the best TVs under $500, it is necessary to understand your gaming requirements. Also, not all low-budget TVs are not suitable for gaming. If you randomly choose a cheap TV, you will experience problems like input lag and poor graphics during gameplay. You have to check these different factors before buying a TV for gaming. 

What are the main factors of a gaming TV? There are many factors to determine whether a TV is suitable for gaming or not. Here are five tips that will help you to find the best affordable TV for gaming:

1. Check the latency speed:

The latency is an essential factor that you should check before buying a gaming TV. Latency is the time taken to send information from one point to another. You will experience lagging and slow gameplay if a TV has high latency. A good gaming TV always has a low latency rate. It is ideal to buy a gaming TV with a latency of 2ms to 30ms or below.

2. Check the fps and refresh rate:

The fps (frames per second) and refresh rate are the main pillars of gaming. If you are an ordinary gamer and do not care much about fps, then a TV with a refresh rate of 60 Hz is ok for you. You will be able to get 60 fps on a 60 Hz TV. 

But if you are a competitive gamer looking for high fps, then a gaming TV with a refresh rate of 120 Hz is recommended. You will get an average of 120 fps on this TV which is good for competitive gaming.

3. Check the resolution and HDR:

You should check the resolution of a TV if you are looking for a future-proof gaming TV. Always look for a 4k TV that is at least 45 inches because a 4k TV that is less than 45 inches is almost the same as a 1080p gaming TV. A 4k gaming TV is necessary for high-quality PC gaming these days.

HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) enhances the overall details of the image quality. You should consider HDR TV if you can spend some extra cash because it is worth the money. HDR is prominent on any size TV, making it easier to find in the market. So, look for an HDR gaming TV if you are interested in gaming on next-generation consoles like Xbox One X.

4. Check for discounts:

If you are patient and cannot afford a pricy gaming TV, you should look for discounted offers. You can buy a great gaming TV and save a lot of money. First, find a gaming TV that satisfies your expectations and then wait for a special event in the market like Black Friday. You can also check the prices of your targeted gaming TV on Slickdeals. This way, you will be able to buy a great gaming TV and save a lot of money.

5. Check the Game mode:

The game mode is an excellent feature for a gaming TV these days. This feature is necessary for a lag-free and better gaming experience. So, if you want a future-proof TV for gaming in 2021, buy a TV that supports Game mode.

A Game mode eliminates the useless processes that are for displaying ordinary content. This mode can provide you with smooth gameplay and reduce the latency by up to 80%. So, you can play the latest AAA games without lag or performance issues.

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