The 5 Best Keyboard Trays For Gamers (Ultimate 2023 Quick Guide)

Looking for the best keyboard trays for gamers? A keyboard is the most significant input device for a PC. You cannot perform almost any task on a PC without a keyboard. Moreover, gamers have to buy an external ergonomic keyboard to improve the efficiency of their gaming laptop or PC. It is impossible to adjust an external keyboard on a small desk, so what should you do?

You can use a keyboard tray to make your keyboard comfortable and efficient. A keyboard tray can make any keyboard ergonomic to adjust its position according to your gaming comfort. These trays create an angle for your keyboard that is comfortable for almost everyone. So, what are the best keyboard trays in 2021?

What Is A Keyboard Tray? Should You Bother?

Best Keyboard Trays For Gamers will not look like this cheap one. Find out which are best at the Game.Supply.
The Best Keyboard Trays For Gamers Won’t Look Like This!

A keyboard tray is a thing that holds your external keyboard and helps you to move it into a satisfying position for use. Most PC users type with their arms far from their bodies, so their wrists are too elevated and cause discomfort. A keyboard tray is the best way to adjust the angle and height of your keyboard so you can type in a better posture. This device is an excellent platform for adjusting the position of your mouse and keyboard for maximum gaming performance.  

This tray is attached to your desk to free up space from the desk. So, it will help you to place other peripheral devices on your desk. You can slide the keyboard tray under your desk once you have finished your work. There are many different designs for keyboard trays according to users’ requirements.

What are the best keyboard trays For Gamers?

If you have a gaming PC, you understand that it is critical to design your desk in an organized manner. Different arrangements for your PC desk depending on your task, like gaming, typing, video editing, e.t.c. A gaming keyboard tray provides extra space to place your mouse and gaming keyboard. A gaming keyboard tray will give you ease and improves your overall gameplay.

There are different keyboard arrangements for every gamer, like FPS, MMO, flight simulator, and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) gamers. A gaming keyboard is usually bigger than an ordinary keyboard, so it is almost impossible to use them comfortably on the desk. So what are the best keyboard trays for gamers? Here are the top 5 gaming keyboard trays that will improve your gaming experience:

  • Eureka Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
  • Couchmaster CYCON² Black Edition Keyboard Tray
  • HUANUO Keyboard Tray
  • VIVO Large Keyboard Tray
  • ErGear Keyboard Tray

1. Eureka Ergonomic Adjustable Below-Desk Swivel and Tilt Mount

Eureka has made one of the best keyboard trays for gamers, which also looks great! With a smooth finish and the ability to tilt and swivel the platform, you can adjust it to suit your exact specification. I really like the look of the graphics too.

This keyboard tray can tilt, swivel, and extend from under your desk. With a 28.3″ by 10.2″ working surface, it’s adjustable and big enough to accommodate your gaming keyboard and mouse easily.

Exclusive Features

  • This keyboard tray is large enough to hold a full-size keyboard and mouse pad.
  • The keyboard can attach to any desk.
  • Up to 15 degrees of vertical tilt
  • Local customer support is available


Check the latest price here.

2. Couchmaster CYCON² Black Edition

When I first saw the Couchmaster, I’ll be honest, I laughed. But I don’t want to game any other way after trying it. Seriously. I almost put this in the first place, except it slightly defies the traditional concept of a gaming keyboard tray. This product is more like a couch potato’s best option for a desk. I mean, forget anything else; this one takes the cake.

A keyboard tray to replace your keyboard tray, desk, desk chair, and the old way of gaming. If you love the couch as I do (who doesn’t?), then you’ll love the Couchmaster. Seriously, check this one out.

Exclusive Features

  • It’s not a tray – it’s a way of life.
  • It easily conforms to any sofa with enough side room. You need about a foot on either side of where you sit.
  • Adjustable with a non-fixed tray.
  • 6 built-in USB ports. Yeah, it’s a smart keyboard tray for your sofa. Awesome!


Check the latest price here.

3. HUANUO Keyboard Tray

HUANUO AV Technology is a famous manufacturer known for its ergonomic products. Due to their flexibility and swiftness, their keyboard trays are for every desktop user, including gamers. These trays can carry up to 11lbs of weight. The HUANUO keyboard trays are the best in terms of ergonomics.

These keyboard trays are rotatable up to 90° horizontally and up to 22° vertically. This model of HUANUO is 25/9.8 inches in size, so you can easily use your keyboard and mouse. They also offer one year warranty which is fine in this budget.

Exclusive Features

  • This is the best keyboard tray for gamers in terms of ergonomics.
  • Its weight carrying capacity is about 11lbs.
  • This keyboard tray is ideal for standing and sitting desks.
  • It has one year warranty which is OK but not the best.


Check the latest price here.

4. VIVO Large Keyboard Tray

VIVO is one of the best keyboard tray brands dedicated to providing comfort and health during gaming. Their gaming keyboard trays are currently the best option for gamers to buy from the market. This keyboard tray is 26/8 inches and fits under your gaming desk. This tray can keep your keyboard, mouse, and other peripheral devices.

You can also adjust your distance from the tray by sliding it to get a comfortable angle. The weight carrying capacity of this keyboard tray is about 11lbs. This model of VIVO keyboard tray also has a three-year warranty, making it worth trying. So, it is a good option for you if you are looking for a keyboard tray for gaming.

Exclusive Features

  • This keyboard tray is large in size, so it is best for gamers.
  • You can fit it on any desk with a thickness of up to 1.25 inches and a width of 26.8 inches.
  • These VIVO keyboard trays can carry up to 11lbs of weight.
  • They also provide a three-year warranty, which many other market options do not offer.


Check the latest price here.

5. ErGear Keyboard Tray

Er-Gear is the most famous brand for producing mid-range keyboard trays. This keyboard offers great durability and premium design according to the taste of most gamers. The Er-Gear keyboard is easy to assemble due to its clamps. It has an extra-large plane space of 26.3/11.8 inches.

It has a form protector to protect your desk from any damage. This tray can carry weight up to 13lbs. They also offer one year warranty which is a plus point in this price range.

Exclusive Features

  • This keyboard tray is the best option if you have a large, thick desk.
  • It can carry 15lbs of weight.
  • This tray has extra features to protect your desk from damage.
  • It has one year warranty, so it is an excellent choice for gamers.


Check the latest price here.

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