What Is The Future Of Video Gaming

The future of video gaming relies heavily on technological changes as shown in this original image by Game.Supply.

Is it video games that are only played through your phone, or is there a future life for console-style video gaming? The beauty of cloud gaming is that a small gaming computer no longer constrains us. The specifications will be simple; it will require nothing more than an interface like a television, Chromecast (internet connection), and controller.

Most computers these days have the minimum system requirements to enable a cloud gaming experience. And new and exciting games are already coming out regularly to cloud-based platforms, just like Google’s Stadia, for example. 

I have played multiple games on Stadia. I enjoy many games on stadia, including Farming Simulators and games that are first-person shooters like Destiny 2. In playing cloud-based games, ensuring you have a stable connection is essential. 

Stable Internet Connection – Essential To Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming requires a stable internet connection to displace immersive graphics like those shown in this original file image by Game.Supply.

If you don’t have a stable internet connection, then your playing experience will suffer. You must try to play on a wired connection; although Wi-Fi connections allow you to play on your cloud-based platform continually, you will notice the lag. 

Using Wi-Fi repeaters and enhancing your system’s wi-fi system with more powerful routers is the right way to ensure that your cloud gaming experience via Wi-Fi is fast and has as little lag as possible.

One of the issues that one faces when using a wi-fi system for cloud gaming is the need for security. The stronger the Wi-Fi signal, the further potential a thief has for hacking into your system.

More and more platforms are coming out with cloud-based games and technology. Often these are accessory apps on smartphones. The content is downloaded just before gameplay, and the game that is saved on the actual device is nothing more than a quick link to get it to link up to the server to download the product. A similar concept is taken when approaching cloud-based gaming. Cloud-based gaming

Cloud-based gaming is similar because the games are stored on an external server somewhere, and when a person wants to play, they’re playing it on that external server. The reliance on this sort of gaming, or rather the reliance this form of gaming has on technology, is fantastic. The entire basis of this sort of gaming is based on a strong connection between the user and the game’s server serving.

Another issue with cloud-based gaming comes when it’s multiple gamers playing at the same time. Take a first-person shooter game like Fortnite, for example. In this game, numerous players simultaneously play on the same ‘gameboard’ in real-time.

The Problem Of Real World Distance And Real Time Gaming

Real world distance and real time gaming pose great challenges as explained at Game.Supply.

This sort of game can add complications when trying to communicate between multiple places and having them communicate in real time with all of their actions. You can understand that if a person is in Australia and another person is in British Columbia, Canada, there will be a certain amount of lag between the communication between those two places. 

It is merely the nature of communications; it could be an absolute split second if we had lightning-speed communications. However, we don’t have lightning-speed communications, and this is where the weak link comes into play regarding cloud-based gaming. 

For an excellent cloud-based gaming experience, the best thing to do is to have everything hardwired and not have any sort of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth responsible for any aspect of your gaming experience. 

The problem is with systems like Stadia that use a Bluetooth connection between the controller and the Chromecast or whatever you use to supplement that technology. As soon as you have a wireless connection, you’re adding a level of insecurity to a system and making that portion a potential weak link. 

The Future Is Here With Gaming

The future of gaming is explained at Game.Supply.

So what’s the future of gaming? I do believe that the future of gaming is, in fact, cloud-based gaming. Most new forms of gaming software technology that we see will base upon a cloud-based environment. 

It only makes more sense to have cloud-based servers serving up software rather than requiring individuals to continuously upgrade their hardware to match new software requirements.

It makes a lot more sense to simply require that everybody has a device that can access the master hardware that gets updated along with the master software that trickles down and serves out to everybody else.

We’re going to see the real breakthrough with cloud gaming when we have a more significant breakthrough with augmented reality or virtual. Virtual reality is already becoming quite popular, although it’s taken some time to take hold in the gaming industry. 

Once quantum computing becomes a commonplace reality, the leaps and bounds that cloud gaming will take will be fantastic and phenomenal. I think we will see a significant and radical revolution in cloud gaming and quantum computing. 

The new realms of augmented and virtual reality that will be capable of cloud-based gaming and quantum computing but commonplace will blow everybody’s minds who are currently playing video games.

Cloud-Based Vs. Server-Based Gaming

A futuristic FPS game might be indistinguishable from reality like this original image by Game.Supply shows.

I think one of the most significant benefits of cloud-based gaming is that you can stop your game, turn off whatever device you’re using, do something somewhere else, pick up a different device somewhere else, log in, and pick up where you left off. I think that is just the coolest feature of cloud-based gaming. I mean, it’s not like you can’t play an online game now like World of Warcraft, where it’s server-based. 

But I think that server-based and cloud-based are sorts of the same thing. That was one thing that I found interesting while playing massive online role-playing games like World of Warcraft. It was the simplicity with which I could play the game on different platforms and use the same characters. Growing up with the same characters I’d left off and continuing was pretty cool when that feature came out.

I did not like that sort of game, other than the monthly fee that I still don’t like (it ought to be free, by the way), but I digress. One of the things that I didn’t like about a game like that is even though they are saving where you are, you interact with other people in the world through their servers, and you still require a fairly hefty amount of storage and abilities for your personal computer.

So, it’s not genuinely cloud-based in that sense. I see a compelling argument to distinguish between cloud-based and server-based technologies.

As we have just stated, the difference is that server-based gaming requires that you download a game and load it on your computer. Whereas cloud-based gaming would be more of a-you load a browser on your computer or a loader, if you will, and that can load the games from the server. So, you’re not loading anything other than a simple interface or an interface communications tool of some kind.

The Bottom Line

An original image by Game.Supply showing what future gaming equipment might look like.

so we’ve talked about the future of cloud gaming cloud-based technologies and where it’s headed with the Advent of quantum computing basically on our doorstep. There will be an exciting time soon for cloud-based gaming and these quantum computing technologies. I think it will allow for absolutely stunning and incredible virtual and augmented reality like the world has never seen before. And I can tell you I’m excited to see it.


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